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How Do I?

Become a West Licking Firefighter? Acquire an emergency green address sign? Donate to the Toy Drive?

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Columbus Messenger – Eastside Article

Be sure and read this great article from the Columbus Messenger, written by Christine Bryant, Staff Writer.  Minutes matter during emergency response times.  

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Blood Draw Program

West Licking Fire District is proud to be partnering with Mount Carmel to improve stroke care in our community.  Through one of our collaborative initiatives, our EMT’s are performing blood draws in the ambulance en route to the hospital when a patient is having stroke symptoms.  By having blood drawn prior to these patients’ arrivals […]

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Pinning & Promotion Ceremony Held

A Pinning and Promotion Ceremony was held during the November Fire Board meeting at the new Station 2 facility.   The Fire Board and Administration recognized and honored the Pinning and Promotion of four current full-time firefighters to Lieutenant, as well as the promotion of four new full-time Firefighter/Paramedics from part time status.  Congratulations to all!

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