Employment with the District is a chance for people to participate in a public service career and have a positive impact on the local community.  The District currently has approximately 130 employees, with the majority being both full-time and part-time Firefighters.  Other positions include: Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chief, Battalion Chief, Lieutenant, Fire Prevention Officer, Fiscal Officer, Administrator and Administrative Professional.  The District prides itself on offering competitive wages and benefits.  


To view the current active job postings, please click here.

Fire Fighters

Typically the District hires a full-time Firefighter from the part-time Firefighters.  The District will only accept applications for the position of part-time firefighter from those candidates who successfully complete the pre-employment testing process.

The required pre-employment physical ability test and written examination are offered once a year.  If you are interested in employment with the District as a part-time Firefighter, please click here for more information.

While the District appreciates those individuals who may be interested in other positions, applications for those positions will only be accepted when an active job posting is established.