I want to extend a big ‘THANK YOU’ to our citizens for their support of the West Licking Fire District Levy. By supporting this levy the community has placed a tremendous amount of trust in District staff and has clearly shown its commitment to one another. The additional revenue from this levy will help us replace aging apparatus and equipment. The District staff will continue its commitment of being financially responsible while operating the District safely and efficiently.
Thanks to you, the District will continue to provide the best possible service we can to the residents of our Fire District.
Thank you,
Todd Magers,
Fire Chief, West Licking Fire District


I would like to thank the residents of our fire district for your continued support, with the passage of our fire levy. We will continue to strive to provide high-quality fire, EMS, and rescue services to you, our residents. These services would not be possible without you. Thanks again, and I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season.
Joe Krouse
Assistant Chief of EMS, West Licking Fire District


The citizens of our District have once again stepped up to continue to build and maintain on the finest fire departments in the region. Without the generous support of our community, we would not be able to uphold the District’s goal of providing top notch professional service while reducing response times. You have given us the necessary tools to keep our community, its families and friends, and visitors well protected.
Jack Treinish Jr.
Assistant Chief of Resource Allocation and Personnel Development, West Licking Fire District


From the West Licking Fire Board, we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the citizens for your continued support and passage of our Fire & EMS levy on November 6. The levy will continue to support the high quality fire and emergency medical services that West Licking Fire provides every single day. We realize that your confidence in our sound financial operations is our foundation and the key to a positive outcome. We will honor your confidence and trust by continuing to be good stewards of your tax dollars as we continue to provide the best possible emergency services. Your continued support makes our community safer every day.
Thank you,
Mark Van Buren, Harrison Township
Tim Hickin, City of Pataskala
Marshall Spalding, Reynoldsburg
Jeff Johnson, Etna Township
Dan Wetzel, Jersey Township
Brian Denton, Village of Kirkersville
West Licking Fire Board Trustees

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