The following is the Permit/Fee Schedule adopted by the West Licking Joint Fire District as set forth in the Ohio Fire Code Sections 105.1.1 and, Ohio Administrative Code 1301:7-7-01.

  • The Fire Code Official may waive the fee when the permit is obtained by a non-profit organization or is for a non-profit function.
  • As built plans are required to be submitted by electronic media in PDF format upon completion of construction.
  • All contractors found working without an approved permit shall be charged twice the permit fee.

 All fire protection systems and building plans shall be submitted to the West Licking Joint Fire District Fire Code Official through the respective Building Code Department (Licking County, Reynoldsburg, or New Albany) for review and comment by both entities prior to initiation of any construction. All permits and fees shall be paid in full prior to any demolition or construction.  This permit and fee schedule is in addition to those required by the respective Building Code Department. 

All permit fees shall be made payable by check or money order to:

Fiscal Officer  – West Licking Joint Fire District. 

Payment may be mailed or made in person at:
            West Licking Joint Fire District
            851 East Broad Street
            Pataskala, Ohio 43062
Office hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Excluding holidays.

Please reference the business name on the check or money order.

 Part I. Fire Protection Systems

 Note * The information contained in Part I is for the installation or modification of the following fire protection systems. The permit fee includes the plans review and initial system testing.

  1. Automatic Sprinkler and Extinguishing Systems  =  $400 per system
  2. Underground Fire Line  =  $400 + $25  per fire hydrant
  3. Automatic Extinguishing Systems  =  $300 per system
     (CO2, FM-200, Dry or Wet Chemical, Foam, etc.)
  4. Kitchen Hood System  =  $100 per hood
  5. Automatic and/or Manual Fire Alarms Systems  =  $300
  6. Fire Pump  =  $300
  7. Standpipe System  =  $200

Part II. Re-Inspection, Re-Test of Failed Fire Protection Systems, and other fees

  1. Re-Inspection of Failed Systems  =  $150 per system, per trip
  2. After Hours Inspection (minimum of 4 hours charged)  =  $ 75 per hour
      Regular hours are defined as 7:00 am – 4:00 pm, Mon. – Fri.

 ** All fire hydrants to be installed shall be inspected by the Fire Code Official for approval prior to installation in the ground. 

Part III. Inspection Fees and Conditions for Underground Fire Lines

Each project shall provide 1 spare “screw on” type Storz fitting for every 5 fire hydrants installed on the water line to be used at the discretion of the Fire District. They shall be delivered to the Fire District prior to final acceptance of the project.

Fees and deposits shall be made as follows:

Permit application and fees shall accompany the submission of the construction   drawings.

  1. All installation is required to be inspected prior to any work being covered.
  2. Prior to the beginning of construction, an initial deposit of 5% of the estimated cost of construction shall be made for the Inspection Fee.
  3. Inspection fees will be deducted from the balance at $75 per hour the Inspector is on the job site.
  4. Additional deposits shall be requested upon depletion of the initial inspection deposit as needed, to cover the above stated costs to the Fire District.
  5. Upon final acceptance of the construction by the Fire District, and receipt by the Fire District Fiscal Officer of a written request from the person making deposits, the Fire District Fiscal Officer shall refund any unused portion of the amounts deposited. All funds not so requested within one year of the Fire Districts’ acceptance of the construction shall be placed in the Fire Districts’ general fund to be used at the sole discretion of the Fire District.

Part IV. Other Permit Fees

  1. Tents 400 Square Feet or Larger  =  $ 100
  2. Fireworks Exhibition  =  $50 + $75 per hour per Inspector
  3. UST’s or AST’s Hazardous Storage List

Any required permits or inspections for UST or AST installation, alteration, or removal will be directed to the State of Ohio Fire Marshals Office at (614) 752-8200.

 Part V. Other Fees

  1. Licensed Daycare Facility – Annual (11 children or more)  =  $100
  2. Licensed Daycare Facility – Annual (10 children or less)  =  $25

Complete a Permit Application and submit to the District office.  Any questions, you may contact Fire Prevention Officer, John Singleton at (740) 927-3046.