Mission Statement: 

West Licking Joint Fire District’s Fire Prevention Bureau strives to provide a safe environment for all of the Fire District’s citizens – whether it is safety for your children while they are in school or at play, adults in the workplace, sporting events, or even while you are out doing your grocery shopping. We feel one of the best ways to provide safety for the Fire District’s citizens, is to prevent hazards before they happen.

Remember to change the batteries in your smoke detectors with the time change!

West Licking Joint Fire District has a very dedicated Fire Prevention Bureau. It is composed of three Prevention Officers: Chad Harrison, Doug White and Fred Hughes. Together, they have over 43 years experience in the fire service. The Fire Prevention Bureau offers many different services which include, but are not limited to: fire prevention, Fire Code enforcement (both new and old construction), and public education.

Through the generosity of the West Licking Firefighters Association and West Licking Women’s Auxiliary, a very important teaching tool was donated to the Fire District – a state-of-the-art Fire Safety House.  The Fire Safety House is taken to the Fire District’s elementary schools to teach young children about the importance of fire safety – one of WLJFD’s primary goals.

West Licking Joint Fire District has adopted the Ohio Fire Code. You can review the Fire Code at or go to the Ohio Fire Marshal’s website,